Personal Brand Series: Building a Resume

05/27/2020 09:00 AM - 10:15 AM CST


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Learn how to craft the perfect resume with Hannah Reyes! During unprecedented times, we all could use some enlightening with our resumes. Join PYP, as Hannah Reyes, Marketing Director of ProHealth and Founder of Hannah Reyes Marketing & Design, sits down and guides us on how to create that career finding resume.

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This is Part 1 of a 3 part series on Personal Branding. Stay tuned for Your Personal Brand with Whitney Lee on June 3, and LinkedIn 101 with Brandi Gomez on June 10!

About Hannah Reyes

Hannah Reyes is passionate about helping businesses thrive in today’s online and offline marketing environment.

With nearly a decade of experience in both online and traditional marketing, she believes that every platform offers distinct advantages. Hannah leverages current marketing trends helping clients reach the most prospects for the least expense.

Since 2012, Hannah has been working with clients nation-wide to enhance company profit and branding through marketing consultations, digital campaigns, content creation, and graphic design.

Since launching Hannah Reyes Marketing + Design in 2017, her and her marketing team continue to help companies implement strategies that double their leads and turn their marketing dreams into a reality.

In addition to running her marketing company, Hannah is the Director of Marketing at ProHealth, which is a health company with 7 locations spanning along the panhandle. Hannah is responsible for providing guidance to the ProHealth marketing department by evaluating and developing marketing strategies, planning and coordinating marketing efforts, communicating the marketing plans to those involved, and building awareness and positioning for the company's brands. Her duties include overseeing the entire marketing department, monitoring and evaluating project activities and results, and directing research efforts. Hannah works closely with ProHealth's sales department to develop strategies that help ProHealth maximize profits and market share.

We invited Hannah to lead this PYP webinar on Building a Resume not only because of her success in building brands and getting client’s the outcome they expect, but also due to her experience being on both sides of the interview process, as both the interviewee and the interviewer. Today, she hopes to leave you with tangible advice that will launch you into crafting your perfect resume to land your dream job.



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